contracted designs

Below are several samples of previously contracted design work. Each project was created and completed for various professional events and promotional marketing.

Please note that a majority of the designs displayed below were created by Persimmon based on specific guidelines enforced by the represented company and, or related event organizers.

2018 Dell Holiday Logo.png
Lifetime Nashville 2018 Design.png
8-15-17 Peterbilt Photo Booth Template .png
Epicor Nashville 2018 Logo Design.png
5-24-18 Gaylord Unity Day Logo Design.png
Benefit 2018 Nashville Logo Deisgn.png
Davis House Logo.png
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Nashville Logo Deisgn.png
2018 TBA Logo Design.png
CMA 2018 Design.png
north pole experience 2018 MCM design.png
PERI 2018 Green Screen Design.png