I understand how time consuming the task of posting on social media can be for business owners, I empathize with you on how overwhelming it can feel to stay up-to-date on what’s #trending.

I can relate firsthand at how much energy it takes to create content, juggle multiple projects, schedule future posts, and actively invest in marketing campaigns all while managing the other moving parts of your business.

And as a fellow entrepreneur, I can attest to the fact that your time is only going to become more valuable as your business continues to grow. (!!!)


  • Instagram - Facebook - YouTube - Pinterest - Twitter - Tumblr - Vimeo

  • Website (with monthly maintenance)

  • User Engagement

  • Curated Content

  • Stories, Highlights (with icons)

  • Promotional, Organic Advertising


  • Contracted Design

  • Marketing, Advertising

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Brand Identity Development

  • Professional Email Templates, Headers

  • Custom Monograms*

  • Stationary, Invitations, Announcements*

*only available upon request

Personal collaboration, setting goals, and checking-in on expectations are key to partnering together. Persimmon was created to function completely autonomously meaning I won’t require any routine meetings, and I don’t expect for you to squeeze-in any additional items onto your to-do list. 👏 Together we will set realistic goals, review processes that work for both parties, and evaluate shared expectations to strengthen our partnership and foster further honest communication.

Separating Persimmon from other online management organizations is the ample amount of attention to detail provided to each client, project or contracted design. Cultivating a personal appreciation and thorough understanding of your business is essential in order to genuinely connect and honestly communicate with target markets. My personalized approach helps to ensure that the content I’m posting or community networking I’m engaging in or campaign I’m paying to advertise on your brands behalf is focused on quality not quantity, fact not fluff, and always in alignment with the mission and character of your brand.

Procrastinating your brands online presence becomes a thing of the past and keeping up with active user engagement becomes one less task to worry about; allowing more time to focus on other equally important elements of your business and personal life. Ahh, balance.

To partner with Persimmon, please contact our team.