Persimmon is a brand management company co-founded in two-thousand-eighteen by Jenny + Ben McGee. Persimmon is modern liaison that connects the ever-changing online world with your business through the use of web design, social media, and personalized branding tools.

“My side hustle flourished into an empowering, sustainable career.”

Established with only one client, Jenny began managing social media profiles for Mint Springs Farm. After two years of ongoing side-hustle success at the farm, Jenny’s curated social strategy began to catch on, and suddenly she found herself overwhelmed with new inquiries from local Nashville businesses wanting to hire her services.

Often over a cup of coffee on the weekends or while walking the dogs in the afternoon, we began to wonder about the possible outcomes of taking this side social media biz full-time and slowly began wandering into new opportunities and partnerships. So, in April 2018, Ben left his full-time position in corporate-America, and together we journeyed into the world of entrepreneurship.

Thus, our entrepreneurial adventure was born.

We have worked hand-in-hand to create a business that we believe in and one that we work really hard for. We are husband + wife, best friends, business partners and two individuals who believe in the power of dreaming big. We are mindful Tennesseans who want a better work-life balance for ourselves; thoughtful minimalists in the things that we own, wear, and buy; and local entrepreneurs stepping outside the lines of what's considered a normal life.

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