We understand how time consuming the task of posting on social media can be for business owners, much less how overwhelming it can feel to stay up-to-date on what’s socially trending.  We can relate firsthand at how much energy it takes to create content, schedule future posts, and put together eye-catching stories all while managing the other moving parts of your business.  And as fellow entrepreneurs, we can attest that your time is only going to become more valuable as your business continues to thrive and grow in popularity.

The good news: Persimmon is completely autonomous meaning we don’t require any routine meetings, and we don’t expect for you to add anymore items to your to-do list. 👏 Online management becomes one less task to worry about, allowing for more time to focus on other elements of your business and personal life.

(And yes, it’s really that easy— no hidden fees, commitments or contracts to be signed.)


Persimmon's tailored approach is fostered through our belief in crafting a strategy that benefits both you and your brand. We collaborate with local organizations to enhance their online presence through the use of social media, website development, design, and a cohesive aesthetic appearance.

We aim to enhance only the most ethereal and inspiring elements of your brand. Updating the outdated is essential for future success as our millennial generation begins to dominate the marketplace.

As two Nashville natives, we have stood witness to the city's unprecedented growth, changing infrastructure, and gentrified communities. Living in East Nashville, a modern day mecca for new businesses and startups, we have watched other brands flourish and peak in popularity, only to become obsolete later simply because they didn't utilize the best online tools to transition their brand from new to established.

Bringing your business to Music City is something that should be shared. Given our years of experience and educated expertise, Persimmon can expand your reach, create honest community driven connections, and manage all aspects of your brand from beginning to end — without worry.


What can you expect at our first meeting?

Meet us.png

A smile, a handshake, a hug, and probably a cup of coffee or a cocktail.

But seriously though.

Prior to our initial meeting, we will work to craft a mock Instagram feed of your brand.  This will be for you to review & reference throughout meeting, and for us to explain.  We will walk you through the overall conceptual design, detailing how each element relates to thoughtful process behind the images that we selected or created. 


The thumbnail images featured in the mock feed are a combination of current photos of your brand, if applicable, as well as images we create to match the aesthetic we want to create for your brand.  One of the great things about branding and marketing through social media is that not every image has to be an actual photo.  We are able to find and/or create graphics that flow with the rest of the feed; providing us with the ability to always have relevant content.

We also take this time to break down your business goals and future plans to ensure that we're meeting your brands online needs, and to answer any questions or address any hesitations that you may have.

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